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Leaking high level covered up intelligence
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Leaking high level covered up intelligence
Susan Lindauer used to work for the CIA. She knew that the CIA had prior warning of 9/11, and things got fishier after that.

She was under indictment under the Patriot Act, put in prison 2004/9
Forced to appear in court without an attorney present. Enemy non-combatant.

Patriot Act has expanded the definition of 'sedition' if you pose a challenge to the government then they will go after you.
USA targets include:
DC anti war network, (labelled as potential white supremicy group
renewable power groups,
amnesty international 'might be guilty of espousing civil rights violations'
People who look after animals

The Patriot Act mirrors regimes under the KGB and Stalin. Allowing secret witness testimony, secret juries. Nobody allowed to know what 'crime' or activity she was put in prison for, not even Susan.

Book on depleted uranium and grotesque Bagdad collateral damage, occupational health and safety for soldiers exposed to the Plutonium is deniable. Susan was accused of receiving this book.

She worked to facilitate communication between Iraq and America.
The USA profiteered from Iraq in the following way
- FBI authorised to go into Bagdad and conduct arrests
- Iraq's oil industry was destroyed and so America got all the contracts to salvage oil industry and took the loot,
- preferential contracts for car manufacturing, health care industry, everything.
The Patriot Act was used to deprive American people information to make an intelligent and informed decision at the election box. Patriot Act is anti-democracy.

Guarantee the ignorance of the American people (Patriot Act).

She wrote a book called Extreme Prejudice
She has the evidence in tapes from the FBI (thanks to the Patriot ActBig Grin)

The story of 9/11 was tragic. The reason why it happened is offensive and so much more tragic than the official version. It was made to happen. Hands on manipulation. Different Factions to contribute to it. CIA trying to stop it, 15% wrecking ball.

Only needed a team of 10 to wire the world trade center with explosives.

Wanted war in Iraq though Iraq was one of the best sources for radicals, very helpful. He had excellent tracking, 'if it is real he can find it'.
Afghanistan, they had nothing to do with this. Taliban kept warning that something was going on.

Susan was told not to go to New York because there would be nuclear radiation threat from the explosives that would be used in airline hijackings against the world trade center. Before 9/11.

I'm off on another thread unfolding in real time, watch the movie and there's more info she spills in other interviews.

04-13-2013 08:56 PM
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RE: Leaking high level covered up intelligence
Whether you believe that Susan Lindauer was a genuine whistle-blower, involved in intelligence activities, or a delusional "peacenick", her story is no less interesting.

Here is some information about Lindauer:

[Image: patriotactprotest.jpg]

Information from Wikipedia, in relation to Susan Lindauer: Link to Wikipedia entry

Includes the following information:-
Susan Lindauer (born 17 July 1963) is an American journalist and antiwar activist.

In 2003 she was accused of conspiring to act as an unregistered lobbyist for the Iraqi Intelligence Service and engaging in prohibited financial transactions with the government of Iraq under Saddam Hussein. Lindauer was found mentally unfit to stand trial in two separate hearings. During her incarceration she won the right to refuse forced antipsychotic medication which the United States Department of Justice claimed would render her competent to stand trial. She was released in 2006 and all charges were dropped in 2009.

Lindauer claims she was conducting peace negotiations with representatives of Muslim countries (including Iraq, Libya, Malaysia, and Yemen) in New York. According to transcripts Lindauer presented to the New York Times in 2004, these included meetings with Iraqi Muthanna al-Hanooti, another peace activist later accused of spying. Lindauer also says that the U.S. intelligence community was aware of these meetings and monitoring her (She also discussed them directly in communications with Card.)

Richard Fuisz met with Lindauer weekly since 1994. He said that he had banned her from her office after September 11, 2001, when her ideas became "malignant" and "seditious". Lindauer later claimed that she had been a CIA asset during this period.

On January 8, 2003, she delivered a letter to Andrew Card. In her letter, she urged Card to intercede with President George W. Bush to not invade Iraq, and offered to act as a back channel in negotiations. Andrew Card is her second cousin. Her first politically related contact with former Chief of Staff was around 2001.

On March 11, 2004, Lindauer was arrested in Takoma Park, Maryland by five agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). She was taken to the FBI office in Baltimore. Outside of this office, she told WBAL-TV: "I'm an antiwar activist and I'm innocent. I did more to stop terrorism in this country than anybody else. I have done good things for this country. I worked to get weapons inspectors back to Iraq when everybody else said it was impossible." Lindauer later said she was charged under the PATRIOT Act.

Lindauer was charged with "acting as an unregistered agent of a foreign government". The indictment alleged that she accepted US$10,000 from the Iraqi Intelligence Service in 2002. Lindauer denied receiving the money, but confirmed taking a trip to Baghdad. Lindauer was also accused of meeting with an FBI agent posing as a Libyan, with whom she spoke about the "need for plans and foreign resources to support resistance groups operating in Iraq." Lindauer says she came to this meeting because of her interest in filing a war crimes suit against the U.S. and U.K. governments.

Congresswoman Lofgren released a statement saying she was "shocked" by the arrest, that she had no evidence of illicit activities by Lindauer, and that she would cooperate with the investigation. Robert Precht, Dean of the University of Michigan Law School, said the charges were "weak" and that Lindauer was more likely to be a "misguided peacenik".

She was released on bond on March 13, 2004, to attend an arraignment the following week. Sanford Talkin of New York was appointed by the court as Lindauer's lawyer.

In 2005 she was incarcerated at Carswell Air Force Base in Fort Worth, Texas, for psychological evaluation. At Carswell She was then moved to the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan. In 2006, she was released from prison after judge Michael B. Mukasey ruled that Lindauer was unfit to stand trial and could not be forced to take antipsychotic medication to make her competent to stand trial. He noted that the severity of Lindauer's mental illness, which he described as a "lengthy delusional history", weakened the prosecution's case. In his decision he wrote, "Lindauer ... could not act successfully as an agent of the Iraqi government without in some way influencing normal people .... There is no indication that Lindauer ever came close to influencing anyone, or could have. The indictment charges only what it describes as an unsuccessful attempt to influence an unnamed government official, and the record shows that even lay people recognize that she is seriously disturbed. On the question of Lindauer's sanity, Richard Fuisz commented in 2004: "She's daft enough that we could be sitting here, like we are now, and she might see a parrot fly in the window, flap its wings and land right here on the table. But she's also smart enough not to necessarily say anything about it."

At a hearing in July 2008, Lindauer told reporters that she had been a CIA asset, and said she had "been hung out to dry and scapegoated".
In 2008, Loretta A. Preska of the Federal District Court in New York City reaffirmed that Lindauer was mentally unfit to stand trial—despite Lindauer's insistence to the contrary. Preska ruled that Lindauer's belief in her connection to the intelligence community was evidence of her insanity.

In testimony before Judge Mukasey on May, 9, 2006, Dr. Colin Vas from Carswell FMC admitted that over seven months of incarceration, staff observed no signs of hallucinations and no signs of hearing voices, nor any depression or bipolar disorder. Carswell reported that Ms. Lindauer walked 4-6 miles on the track every day, and consistently participated at "indoor recreation activities." Ms.Lindauer also spent many hours at the prison law library studying up on her case. In its monthly reports, Carswell wrote: "Good physical health. Socializes well. Good intellectual functioning." And "no behavioral problems."

On January 16, 2009, the government decided to not continue with the prosecution saying "prosecuting Lindauer would no longer be in the interests of justice."

Antipsychiatrist Thomas Szasz criticized the government's treatment of Lindauer and referred to her captors as "torturers".

Book and subsequent claims:
Lindauer has written a self-published book about her experience, Extreme Prejudice: The Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act and the Cover-Ups of 9/11 and Iraq. Lindauer claims that for a number of years she had worked for the CIA and DIA undertaking communications with the Iraqi government, serving as a back-channel in negotiations. She started making visits to the Libyan mission at the United Nations in 1995, lasting until 2001, some of the meetings were talks with Iraqi Intelligence Service officials at the United Nations.


Susan Lindauer's Mission to Baghdad - New York Times Magazine

-By David Samuels, Published: August 29, 2004

Link to New York Times Article
04-14-2013 07:15 PM
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