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Eric Holder's "Off-the-record" meeting to Glad-hand and Manipulate Journalists
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Eric Holder's "Off-the-record" meeting to Glad-hand and Manipulate Journalists
More media manipulation by Obama's Attorney General.
Annie Darkhorse, Administrator, 01 June, 2013.

Last Thursday U.S. Attorney-General, Eric Holder, invited members of the media to an "off-the-record" meeting.

Eric Holder - He and Barack Obama deserve to be given a major head-ache by the U.S. media.

The meeting was to discuss recent unprecedented intrusions into freedom of the press, including the Search Warrants executed in relation to telephone records and emails pertaining to State Department adviser Stephen Jin-Woo Kim and the Fox News reporter, to whom he leaked information, James Rosen.

A number of media organisations including the Huffington Post, New York Times, AP, CNN, CBS News, Fox News, Reuters and NBC News boycotted the meeting. The Huff Post provided their reason as a belief that their readers were entitled to any information they received.

A number of organisations, including Politico, attended the meeting and reported what had occurred.

The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times/ Chicago Tribune, ABC News, The New Yorker, The New York Daily News, Bloomberg and USA Today also sent representatives.

Huffpost have published some of the reasons provided by news organisations for attendance and non-attendance.

News organisation 'Politico' stated that, at the meeting, Holder had discussed an intention to create guidelines for future DOJ interraction with the press.

Their interpretation of the meeting included:

"Holder stopped short of offering any concrete changes to the guidelines. Instead, the Attorney General sought to assure the journalists that he and the DOJ were trying to seek a balance between the demands of national security and the free flow of information."

Holder apparently stated that he was reaching out to "strike a balance" between national security "damage" and protecting journalist's ability to function.

The inflammatory word "damage" was no doubt used to infer that free use of human Sources would result in American fatalities.

One of the attending reporters also stated that they had discussed revising the term ‘aiding and abetting’, from the Privacy [Protection] Act "so that reporters don’t need to be defined as co-conspirators in order to execute search warrants.”

"Don't need to be" is a troubling term which contains an inference that Search Warrants and Subpeonas, pertaining to Journalists could, with future legislative modifications, be obtained without Applications containing any evidence, or suspicion, of the person having taken part in illegal activities.

One would assume that American journalists wouldn't be willing to lie down and accept a situation whereby their personal records could be seized under any circumstances, in what would amount to 'fishing expeditions', spot-checks or general monitoring, simply on the basis that they are Journalists. Such a situation would ensure that no Source would come anywhere near them.

Holder's acknowledgement of the need for a change of approach, in relation to the Department of Justice's attacks on the media, was expressed in classic Obama Administration 'hurry up and wait' terms.

Politico Editor-in-Chief, John Harris, stated ”I didn’t come away with a precise understanding of how those guidelines might change, and I didn’t have impression they were settled in their own mind.”

Marty Baron, executive editor of the Washington Post, demonstrated what seemed to be a naive level of faith in the Administration.

“It was a constructive meeting,” Baron stated. “They expressed their commitment to the president’s statement that reporters would not be at legal risk for doing their jobs.”

Holder basically acknowledged that something had to be done but obviously indicated that the method to be used, to rectify the problem, was still in the pipe-line. The rest appears to have been both the provision of an opportunity for Journalists to vent and the presentation of the illusion of consultation.

The delaying and promising of outcomes is exactly the same approach and language used by Barack Obama in his Press Conference of 23 May, 2013.

In this Press Conference, Obama also expressed a belief in a need to 'strike a balance', inferring that no solution had yet been found, but acknowledging a need to find such a balance.

Link to Democracy Now! website with Press Conference video

Clearly the Obama Administration's way of doing business is to take any outrageous actions they choose to, in relation to matters they perceive as being related to National Security, including Drone Strikes, targeted assassination, failing to close Guantanamo Bay, abuse of Press Freedom and general Judicial overreach.

When the inevitable questions or protests occur, the Administration then makes a limp, open-ended, public statement indicating they are working on a way to find a balance. Such public statements inevitably express lots of good intentions and no time-span.

Eric Holder's statements, at this faux "off the record" briefing, fit exactly the same pattern.

Clearly the Administration's intention is to continue doing whatever they want, whenever they want and to continue to work the American Press and public in the same bloody-minded fashion, in the nicest possible way.

It appears that the Obama Administration is one of the most violent and intransigent in history but is perhaps the most adeptly manipulative of all due to their perfectly presented President.

For Obama is a master of manipulation. In the words of Julian Assange "Pathological liars always have great faith in their own honesty. That's what helps them lie.”

Perhaps this is how Barack Obama manages to maintain the countenance of the honest reasonable man whilst pedalling his false intentions of taking steps to rectify, or at least modify, his attacks on U.S. Democracy. Perhaps he has that talent for suspension of disbelief, possessed by all great liars and story-tellers. A talent which enables one to present the false image of an honest, moral man, whilst being the opposite - to appear as the flower whilst being the spider lurking under it.

Eric Holder, using the Obama method of stone-walling manipulation, has again palmed off the media's concerns.

America doesn't need new guidelines, or to 'strike a balance'. What it needs is the freedom to use and protect Sources, the way it always has done, without fear of judicial abuse scaring those Sources shit-less and drying them all up.

Lets face it though, there were problems in American Democracy long before Bush and Obama's 'War on Terror'. In a system where quantities of cash and back-room deals rule, the American voter's ability to determine who sits in the Oval Office has long been illusory at best.

If it wants to resurrect what remains of it's democratic system, Obama et. al. need to get their hands off the media. The media, in turn, need to stop sitting on theirs and start becoming militant.

It shouldn't only be Code Pink's Medea Benjamin raising a ruckus at the next Obama Press Conference. All of you should be on your feet yelling.
06-01-2013 07:43 PM
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