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'Activist' Asher Wolf assists US Government by leaking 16 Sec. Manning trial video
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'Activist' Asher Wolf assists US Government by leaking 16 Sec. Manning trial video
On August 11, 2013, the following video was leaked by Asher Wolf with the title 'Free Brad Manning':

Link to leaked video on Vimeo

Here are two examples of suitably angry responses, lodged on Vimeo, to the leaking of this video:

Jeff Paterson:
On behalf of the Bradley Manning Support Network, I can categorically state that our staff had absolutely no role in producing or releasing this video. If this was produced by a supporter, then that person is misguided. Unlike the previously released audio recording of Bradley Manning reading his statement taking responsibility for releasing document to WikiLeaks, this video adds nothing to the debate. Most importantly, it comes in the final days of the court martial, and may well be used by the military as a excuse to even further hinder public access to the proceedings. It is unfortunate that our URL is currently associated with this video clip.

Eric Matthies:
Whomever posted/leaked this, you've managed to undo the good work done by a small group of hardworking journalists who've covered this trial while msm didn't. Good job, you successfully said NOTHING and ensured a press lockout on the remainder of a trial that has significant bearing on your right to do knuckleheaded things like posting videos.


Link to 'Daily Dot' Article, in relation to the video, including Angry Response from Alexa O'Brien

Journalist Alexa O'Brien has done more, than any other person, to provide up-to-date commentary to the public, in relation to the Manning Trial.


RT Response to the Released Video

Australian activist publishes secret Manning trial video

Youtube Description

Uploaded on Aug 12, 2013
Australian blogger Asher Wolf leaked a 16 second video of Bradley Manning's trial. RT is choosing not to show the video because it does not have any bombshell revelations. It is simply a snipet of the hearing. Wolf claims she received the video from an anonymous source. This leak has sparked digital outrage, but not from the government -- RT's Meghan Lopez explains.

The Daily Telegraph surmises that the video was taken from one of the 'spill-over' rooms, rather than from inside the court-room itself, suggesting it was taken by a member of the press. The Telegraph article also states that Asher Wolf had claimed that she did not know the source of the video, which she claims was provided anonymously.

U.K. Telegraph Article

Question: Is this some kind of government fit-up to give the Judge an excuse to eject the Press from the proceedings before the Defence phase in the sentencing commences? This appears to have been the result of the leak, so undoubtedly the US Government would consider Asher Wolf to have been a 'useful idiot' for their cause. No doubt her well-documented competitive animosity towards Julian Assange would have high-lighted her as a good candidate for this task.

Perhaps Asher Wolf should work with Manning supporters, to get to the bottom of this. Wolf has obtained some press notoriety for herself so she owes Manning and the public, who are affected by this leak (i.e. all of us) at least that.

Yes, Asher, no doubt I'll be the next person to 'Talk to the hand'.
08-14-2013 10:17 AM
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