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The 'Rogues' were not in Russia - New York Post Snowden 'Traitor' Article - Annotated
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The 'Rogues' were not in Russia - New York Post Snowden 'Traitor' Article - Annotated
(One hatchet-job deserves another)

The 'Rogues' were not in Russia - Farcical New York Post 'Snowden Traitor' Article - Annotated

By Darkhorse, Administrator, 13 October, 2013

The New York Post achieves a new high in low with puerile anti-whistleblower article

On 11 October, 2013, Edward Snowden met in Russia with fellow whistleblowers who then attended a ceremony where Snowden was presented with the Sam Adams 'Integrity in Intelligence' award.

The New York Post immediately published a charming article, in relation to the event.

Here is a link to that article

The article, entitled 'Rogues go to Russia to Celebrate Snowden' left no doubt that S.A. Miller was willing to throw his/her journalistic reputation (if they had one) on the sword. Presumably they felt safe in the bosom of Obama and his invested media lackies.

In this article, the New York Post have managed to achieve two things. They have thrown a bone to the lowest common denominator, whilst simultaneously shooting themselves in the foot, as journalists (eh-hm, clearing throat) by appeasing a government who are making unprecedented attacks on press freedom.

They surely win the award for most ridiculous media article, in relation to Snowden, ever released. In a media environment where slavish, pro-government, pseudo-journalistic propaganda is commonplace, this is quite an achievement.

The article commences with the really nice photograph of Snowden, Harrison and fellow whistle-blowers, posing together at the awards ceremony.

[Image: snowden.jpg?w=720&h=480&crop=1]
(Posts' Caption) Edward Snowden clutches an award from fellow leakers and whistleblowers (from left) Coleen Rowley, Thomas Drake, Sarah Harrison, Jesselyn Raddack and Raymond McGovern.[Note: Nearly right, Post - Swap Sarah and Jesslyn (who cares who they are-they're traitors!)]

The Post's article continues (with my comments in blue)

WASHINGTON — Benedict Arnold would have fit right in.

[The article starts off simply, with a traitor name, understandable to even those who have to place their fingers on the page to read - i.e. they don't want to leave behind anyone who dropped out of High School really early.]

A fan club of US traitors went all the way to Russia to give an award to their hero, terror-watch secrets-spiller Edward Snowden.

[No, it doesn't get any better after this and no, it isn't a parody.]

The group of five government leakers and whistleblowers presented Snowden, who is wanted on espionage charges but is beyond American justice in Russia, with the Sam Adams Award for Integrity in Intelligence.

The presenters, Thomas Drake, Raymond McGovern, Jesselyn Radack, Colleen Rowley and Sarah Harrisom, have a lot in common with Snowden.

Drake worked for the National Security Agency before he leaked data about an electronic snooping program he thought was invasive.

[Meaning: 'He' thought it was invasive. Who's he to say it was invasive. I'm alright with the government going through my underwear drawer. I don't want people telling me stuff my government is hiding. I trust Uncle Sam.]

McGovern retired as a CIA analyst to become an anti-spy activist.

[See, he was not only a traitor to us, he was a traitor to them.]

Raddack was a Justice Department Lawyer before she revealed what she considered was unethical conduct by the FBI during interrogation of American Taliban John Walker Lindh.

[What an evil woman, attacking unethical conduct like that.]

Rowley was an FBI agent before she blew the whistle on agency screw-ups that she claimed could have prevented 9/11.

[Another witch: How dare she try to improve processes to prevent mass American deaths. If Uncle Sam is okay with Agency screw-ups, resulting in cataclysms, so am I.]

Snowden rattled the US intelligence community when he revealed the extent of NSA snooping, including on allies.

Harrison is a WikiLeaks researcher.

[She works for Wikileaks - well, say no more. We've all seen the posters of that white-haired British guy with the word 'Traitor' across it. Anyway, the public don't understand much about that Manning business, apart from the fact that he was a traitor- so I'll just keep it simple.]

Drake said that Snowden was starting to feel at “home” in Russia, where his asylum badly strained US-Russia relations.

[He's feeling 'at home' in Russia - evidence he must have been a closet Commie all along. They warned us about them. AND he's 'badly strained relations' so Americans might die because of him.]

Of Snowden’s finding refuge in Russia, Drake said, “This is where he lives now, and so where you live is your home.”

[More evidence: Not one of us. One of them. Was all along]

Drake and the rest of the fan club [more balanced journalism - they're clearly shootin' for the Pulitzer, these guys] refused to say where they met with Snowden or where he lives in Russia, citing concerns for his safety.

[They 'refused' to say - they're all up to something]

Snowden’s father, Lon Snowden, also met with his fugitive son.

“He’s doing as well as could be expected,” he said. “He’s safe and he’s free, and that’s a good thing.”

[People probably feel sorry for the's probably in the genes and he might be in on it - I'll just sit on the fence for this one.]

One shouldn't be surprised that the New York Post would churn out such twaddle. They were, after-all, responsible for this jaundiced, one-sided hatchet job, on the 'Occupy Wall Street' Protesters, only the day before:

Sex, Drugs and Hiding from the Law at Wall Street Protests

S.A. Miller no doubt lumps our well-dressed, smiling whistleblowers into the same camp of drug-addled criminals they identify as protesting Capitalist excess, to the smug satisfaction of every non-thinking American in their sad little audience.

No, I would suggest that the 'Rogues' didn't 'go to Russia', they're working for the New York Post.
10-13-2013 10:20 PM
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